Melodic Missions

Helping Churches Connect

Live Sound

Do you want to make every Sunday worship service exceptional? Look no further than Melodic Missions. I am here to help you enhance each service and celebration so your community can focus on God. Let’s work together to make your worship experience truly unforgettable each week. Get in touch today.

Music Training

Your team is amazing! I want to empower them to be the best they can be. With Melodic Missions’ seminars on vocal training, equipment usage, and overall musicianship, your team will have the tools they need to excel and take your service to new heights. Find out how by getting in touch.

Events / Production

If you have a special event coming up and need a little extra help, Melodic Missions is here. I have experience working complex multi-church gatherings in indoor and outdoor venues. You can count on me to provide you with that extra set of hands during your event. Get in touch to get started.

What Our Clients Say

“John was never short on solutions. His ability to brainstorm and work the equipment was a huge blessing to our mission and vision. We relish the chance to serve alongside him!”

– Joseph Rangel, Worship Pastor, Colorado Springs, CO

“Working with John from Melodic Missions has been a blessing for our church…Our congregation is singing louder than before, and they have participated much more since we worked with John.”

 – Samuel Barreto, Music Director at ICCH, Aurora, IL

“John’s musicianship and experience in church music ministry have made him a valuable asset to our church. We are thrilled to see John use his talents to further other church ministries like he has ours.”
 — Jeana Buchanan, Worship Pastor at Greenlee Baptist Church, Marion, NC

I Am Here To Help

I understand that every church has unique requirements, and my mission is to help. If you need Melodic Missions services or are just looking for some guidance on where to begin, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s start with a simple conversation.