Hey there! My name is John Justice, and I am the proud owner of Melodic Missions. I am a passionate musician and a worship leader with years of experience in the music industry and a bachelor’s degree in Modern Music Ministry. I specialize in helping churches connect with their congregation both online and in person so that together, we can all praise God in the most meaningful way possible.
My extensive background in music includes playing in bands, doing session work, and leading worship services. I have honed my skills and developed my expertise in music theory, vocal training, and a range of musical instruments, including percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and keyboard. This means that I can adapt to any worship style and customize each performance to suit the individual needs of the congregation.
In addition to my musical abilities, I am also proficient in sound engineering, lighting, and software programs such as Propresenter and Easy Worship. I use these skills to enhance the quality and professionalism of each performance and create a truly immersive worship experience.
I am a firm believer in excellence and growth, and I am committed to achieving the highest standards in my work. My diverse skill set and my passion for music make me an excellent candidate for any project or collaboration. So whether you need someone to smooth off the rough edges of an existing service, set baselines for music production, or take your church to the next level, look no further than Melodic Missions. Get in touch today to learn more!

I Am Here To Help

I understand that every church has unique requirements, and my mission is to help. If you need Melodic Missions services or are just looking for some guidance on where to begin, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s start with a simple conversation.